FBC Youth

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Weekly Meetings


Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

Students meet for a quick bite of delicious food, play some games, followed by a message shared either by our interim Youth Pastor, or one of our special guest speakers. Pastor Blaine Ross will share a message from time to time. This is followed by our small group sessions where out youth leaders break down the message with engaging follow up questions.



Sundays @ 9:20AM

Our youth meet on Sunday mornings, usually with a breakfast snack, to dig deeper into God's Word in a small group. All of the Sunday school groups go through the same book and are encouraged to study these together as a family unit at home throughout the week. We meet in the family room in the sanctuary.


FOR Parents: PFBC Sunday School

Sundays @ 9:20AM

You do NOT want to miss this! You will walk away from these weekly sessions encouraged, engaged, and relieved! We have two different Sunday school classes for adults. The first is our younger adults while the other is comprised of some of our more seasoned adults. Both classes have great teachers with the Young Adult group being led by Jimmy & Kim Ramsey and the Adult Class being led by Jim Whitman. The Young Adult group meets in the Education Building and The Adult Class meets in the youth Room.


Everyone: Worship Sundays

SUNDAYS @ 10:20

This is our weekly corporate Worship time for the whole family, everyone from 1 day old to 969 years old (if you are methuselah) is invited to come and worship our Savior with us. Our service is led by Pastor Blaine Ross with our praise and worship led by Jim & Sandra Whitman, Frances Coughran, Jimmy Ramsey. Blaine has been serving in ministry for several years and has a gift to reach all ages from the littles to the seasoned adults. 

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Meet the Interim Youth Pastor

Hey PFBC Youth Parents!

It is with great pleasure to God and His shepherding in my life that I came to Porum First Baptist in February of 2022. Shortly after coming here, through prayer and eagerness to serve, I started sitting in on some of the Wednesday night youth sessions. As soon as I started helping our former Youth Pastor on a regular basis, I knew that fire to serve the youth was stoked again. I continued to help Josh throughout 2022 with events, Falls Creek, Sunday School, and filling the pulpit a few Wednesdays and Sunday School.

Just a little about me so you know who is leading your child: I was born and raised in Warner, OK by a great Christian family. I did end up moving to Virginia my last three years of high school where I attended and graduated Atlantic Shores Christian high school before moving back home. When I arrived back in my home town I continued to faithfully attend Warner First Baptist, where I had been baptized in 1998 shortly after my little sister had passed away in a tragic accident when I was in Warner and not traveling.

I started serving in youth ministry at a former church, after praying out to God to find me a place to serve him. In 2017 after helping with a few events around the church such as VBS I was approached to be a youth leader. After prayer i knew God was calling me to serve as a youth leader. After spending several years as a leader and getting shepherded by the Youth Pastor, God gave me the opportunity to spread his word through a variety of events such as youth mission trips to Iowa, Falls Creek, YEC, and other places and served as interim. I had the chance to serve as a interim Youth Pastor for a period during the pandemic, until the had decision was made by the pastor to shut the youth down for several months.

I have now enrolled in seminary at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and will have my BA in Christian Ministry very soon. Looking forward to serving with PFBC for a long time and letting God make big things happen in in 2023!

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